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1. ¡°Shenzhen key lab of advanced navigation technology¡±, Innovation institute construction of Shenzhen City, 10/2015-09/2017, Principal Investigator

2. ¡°Interference suppression via multi-way array antennas based on tensor structure¡±, Distinguished talent recruiting program in Shenzhen City, 01/2015-12/2017, Principal Investigator

3. ¡°Robust spectrum sensing methodology for multi-antenna and multi-carrier systems¡±, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Processing (key project), 01/2016-12/2018, Principal Investigator

4. ¡°Advanced R-D signal processing¡±, Distinguished talent boosting program in Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), 09/2012-08/2014 Principal Investigator

5. "Research on multi-variable data fusion and modeling method for water resources in smart city", NSFC-Guangdong Joint Foundation (key project), Jan.2016-Dec.2019, Principal Investigator

6. "Array Processing, Multi-dimensional Signal Processing and Model Order Selection", Natural Science Foundation of China for Excellent Young Scientists (NSFC), No. 61222106, Jan.2012-Dec.2014, Principal Investigator

7. "Underdetermined DOA Estimation for Wide-Band Stationary Sources in the Presence of Nonuniform Noise", Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 61171187, Jan.2012-Dec.2015, Principal Investigator

8. ¡°Fast, accurate and robust source enumeration and localization in the presence of uncertainty in the background noise,¡± Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of China, 01/2010-12/2012, Principal Investigator

9. "Advanced Signal Processing for Target Enumeration and Localization in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Radar ", Joint Grant of Natural Science Foundation of China and Research Grants Council (RGC ) of Hong Kong, No.: 61110229/61161160564, Jan.2012-Dec.2014, Principal Investigator, (Cooperate with Dr. H.C. So at City University of Hong Kong)

10.¡°Advanced reduced-rank methodology for phased array radar,¡± Hundred Talent Program of Beijing Institute of Technology, 08/2008-07/2014, Principal Investigator

11.¡°Fast source enumeration and direction-of-arrival estimation in time-varying channel environment,¡± National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 01/2008-12/2010, No. 60702068, Principal Investigator

12. "Low complexity Approach for Source Number Detection and DOA Estimation in Time-varying Environment", National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 60702068, Jan.2008-Dec.2010, Principal Investigator

13. "Key Techniques for Wideband Cognitive Radio Network and System Development", Shenzhen Kongqie Talent Program, No. KQC201109020061A, Jan.2012-Dec.2014, Principal Investigator

14. ¡°Low-complexity time-varying channel estimation for smart antenna,¡± Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, 10/2007-09/2009, No. 7301317, Principal Investigator

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